During World War II people from all over East Europe were brought into German forced labor camps to replace the men, fighting at the frontline. About a decade ago evidence was discovered that one of these camps was planned, led and financed by the Evangelical Church. 100 laborers of the ex- Soviet Union were forced to live and work under inhumane conditions. As an act of commemoration and in hope of public remission the administration of the church will build a memorial for the victims on the location of the destroyed forced labor camp in Berlin. 100 stelae – each one holding the name of a laborer and a place to light a candle for him – allows individual remembrance. The ground level of the site will also hold an exhibition about the life and suffering of the forced laborers as well as a display of texts and physical evidence of the Churches cooperation with the fascist regime. A special fence around the area made of corten steel plays with an optical effect to illustrate the situation of the laborers.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” — Mark Twain

POSITION IN TEAM: Concept/ Exhibition Design
WORKING PERIOD: 10/ 2014 – 10/ 2015